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No Court​

No Traffic School​

No Points On Your Record

No Insurance Increase

                                *in most cases

Why Hire a Traffic Lawyer?
      Driving violations, traffic citations, drunk driving, cost of speeding tickets, reckless driving, speeding penalties, traffic school, traffic fines, and traffic court are all reasons you need a traffic lawyer!
Our traffic attorney will save you money and time, and keep you from losing your license and endure increased insurance premiums.
     We save you time by going to court for you. You won’t have to come to traffic court.*
     The Ticket Angel serves Las Vegas Courts, Henderson Courts, North Las Vegas Courts, and many other Nevada courts!
     Points matter. Driving tickets will add penalty points to your driving record.  If you get six points on your license, the DMV will hit you with an extra $300 assessment, plus $75 for each additional point. And if you get twelve points, you risk losing your license. Learn more about the point system on Nevada’s DMV website
      In most cases we can get you a reduction to a non-moving violation, which means no points on your driving record.
      The biggest money savings potential is in your insurance premiums. Insurance companies in Nevada raise rates because of the type and number of traffic violations you have. In most cases, we get our clients reductions to violations that do not affect insurance rates. Don’t worry if you have a more serious driving violation or traffic citation. We will be able to help you, too.
      If you get a speeding ticket, or any traffic citation, DO NOT IGNORE IT! An unpaid traffic violation will go into WARRANT! You can be arrested if your traffic ticket goes to warrant.  Of course we can help you with that too, however, you don’t want to take the chance of spending any time in jail if you don’t have to. With The Ticket Angel, you won’t have to! We will fix your ticket!
We serve these courts:
Las Vegas Justice Court                               Mesquite Municipal Court
Las Vegas Municipal Court                         Moapa Valley Justice Court
North Las Vegas Justice Court                   Boulder Township Justice Court
North Las Vegas Municipal Court             Goodsprings Township Justice Court
Henderson Justice Court                            Laughlin Townsip Justice Court
Henderson Municipal Court                      Searchlight Justice Court
Henderson Township Justice Court          Searchlight Township Justice Court
Boulder City Justice Court                          Betty Justice Court
Moapa Justice Court                                   Goodsprings Justice Court
Moapa Township Justice Court                 Clark County Justice Court

     Whatever driving violation or traffic ticket you have, from a speeding ticket, reckless driving to DUI, you will know that your case is being handled correctly. The Ticket Angel is 24/7! Call us at 702-222-0007. Or simply click the "Fix My Ticket" button above to have your ticket handled immediately.
     In some cases, it may be wise to fight your speeding or traffic ticket in court. You should review the facts of your case with us.

​Why You Need

The Ticket Angel:

  • Real Attorney
  • ​Local Las Vegas Office​
  • Nevada Licensed and Barred
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • ​Professional Practice
  • Ethical Representation
  • ​No Half-Price Story
  • ​Expert Criminal Defense
  • Passionate About Your Rights​
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