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How it Works

Now, ALL of your speeding tickets, traffic violations, and warrant consulations can be handled online!


When you click the "Fix My Ticket" or "Fix My Warrant" button above, you will be directed to fill in information about yourself and your citation. 


Once your citation has been processed and placed on calendar, you will receive an email from our Traffic Attorney confirming representation.


Finally, once your traffic citation has been fixed, you will receive both an email and a hard copy letter of your court results which will list any remaining fines with the court.

Penalties for speeding vary and in most cases you will still be required to pay a final traffic fine to the court, though our office is excellent at fine reduction.  Remember, the cost of a speeding ticket increases with every mile per hour above the speed limit cited. Don't pay Huge Fines! Call Ticket Angel!


Reckless Driving is a criminal charge and carries a much larger fine and traffic school requirements. A Consultation would be MANDATORY. Our traffic attorneys are experienced in fighting for the lowest possible fines and working hard to reduce traffic school requirements.  

Contact The Ticket Angel!

Life’s too Short to go to Traffic Court!

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