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Getting a ticket can ruin your day! Now you need to take time off for TRAFFIC COURT, possibly even TRAFFIC SCHOOL! INSURANCE increases, POINTS on your DRIVING RECORD, and on top of it all, still. more. FINES!  Right?​ WRONG!​

Life’s too short to go to traffic court!​

have The experienced attorney's at

The Ticket Angel go to court for you! 

You can avoid:

  • heavy fines*

  • traffic court* 

  • traffic school*

  •  points on your driving record*

  •  insurance premium increase*

  • anxiety and worry*

 Let The Ticket Angel fly in and take care of it for you!​*

Click "                               " Now!


About Us:

     Our Traffic Attorney, Kristina Wildeveld, owns and operates The Ticket Angel.  A top Criminal Defense Attorney, Ms. Wildeveld has years of successful experience handling all types of traffic offenses and criminal charges.  Check out for more information and services.​

     The Ticket Angel can help with all types of traffic citations and violations, including any moving violations, speeding citations, reckless driving, paper violations, and many more.   A general scope of violation fines and penalties is available under drop-down link of violations.


     Call our office concerning your violation and we will gladly estimate the cost of your ticket!

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