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                    Don’t face a Reckless Driving Violation alone!

     A Reckless Driving citation in Nevada is nothing to sweep under the rug.  While it is a very serious charge, ignored, it will go to warrant and you risk the chance of being arrested.  Court fines for Reckless Driving can be in excess of $1,000.00. In some cases, a Reckless Driving citation will be issued if an officer was called to the scene of a traffic accident.  If you were in a traffic accident and were in violation of Reckless Driving or received any other citation, call The Ticket Angel now.  You don’t want to go to court alone!  If you received a DUI or DWI, your citation can be reduced to a Reckless Driving offense.    In most cases, a Reckless Driving citation will be reduced; however court fines will still be issued by the court.  In these cases, you can keep your clean driving record, be confident your insurance premiums will not be affected, and you won’t have to go to traffic school.


     If you do not handle a Reckless Driving citation immediately, it will go to warrant.  You then run the risk of being arrested.



  Don’t Hesitate!  Jail Can Wait!

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