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Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

     If you are facing criminal charges in Nevada, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for you. 

Kristina Wildeveld and Associates are aggressive, respected, and devoted Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys.​  Call to schedule a consultation today!

Don't Hesitate! Jail can wait!






​     Domestic Violence

     In Nevada, a first conviction for domestic violence carries a minimum of 2 days incarceration. 


A second conviction for domestic violence within 7 years carries a minimum of 10 days of incarceration. 


A third conviction for domestic violence within 7 years is a felony, which carries with it a minimum mandatory term of 1 year of incarceration. 


Even though a first or second conviction for domestic violence is a misdemeanor, a conviction for domestic violence will haunt you. 


     Call us today to discuss your rights and legal options.                                    


Don’t Hesitate!  Jail Can Wait!

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     Seal My Record

     Been arrested?  Case dismissed?  Have a conviction on your record you want to go away?


We understand a criminal record can have detrimental consequences in
your personal life, especially when trying to get a job, be approved for a loan,
or qualify for public benefits.  Convictions and even arrests in which charges were dismissed can  raise questions from potential employers, lenders, and any other persons or entities that run a background check.  As a result, it could be critical for you to seal your records. 


       In the State of Nevada, criminal records may be sealed so that eligible criminal matters do not appear during public record searches or background checks.  The process can be started by filing a petition with the court once the statutory time requirements have been met for the violations that are on your criminal record. 

     Our office provides record sealing services for your convenience.  For more information regarding record sealing, please call our office at (702) 222 - 0007.

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