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If You Were At Fault In A Car Accident, You Need A Car Accident Attorney!

If you were in a Las Vegas car accident, a North Las Vegas car accident or a Henderson car accident, we will help you.  If you are at fault, you may have been issued a reckless driving ticket and this can have serious, long term, effects on your driving record, drivers’ license and insurance premiums.  A ticket in a car accident means you are at fault and you need a car accident lawyer.  Our car accident attorney knows how to defend your case, fight your ticket, and preserve your driving record.  If you are in a wreck, a motorcycle accident or get a ticket in a car accident, you need to call us immediately. Ignored, a warrant for your immediate arrest can be issued.  Call us now  702.222.0021.


                                     Don’t Hesitate!  Jail Can Wait!


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